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How to convince your loved ones that prepping is a rewarding lifestyle

Monday, December 09, 2019 by

With all your preparation, you may be confident in your survival skills when SHTF, but it is difficult to survive alone. Humans are social beings and having a group to rely on can offer support, whether it’s supplies or emotional camaraderie. For that reason, preppers usually take their families into account while prepping.

However, it is difficult if your loved ones do not share the same prepping mindset. They may question your investments or your stockpile of food in the pantry. They may think you’re splurging money without any real benefits. Here are some tips for convincing your loved ones about the benefits of prepping. (h/t to

1. Choose who you talk to

As much as you would like your whole family to get into prepping, not everyone will immediately be willing to take part in it. Select family members who may already be considering or thinking about prepping for emergencies, such as:

  • Those who are worried about potential disasters, like earthquakes or hurricanes
  • Those with a strong conservative political view
  • Those who love the outdoors and may be interested in wilderness survival
  • Those who are practicing homesteading
  • Those who are concerned about the family’s future

Children are more likely to be open about talking about it, but they have limited resources. It’s best to talk to the older members of the family – either young adults or middle-aged people – who may realize the importance of prepping and have the resources to prepare for it.

2. Don’t expose everything

Once you’ve got them interested on the idea of prepping, you can expound a bit more about the practice. However, do not tell them the specifics, like where your bug-out location is or where you store your supplies.

A responsible prepper never reveals his prepping secrets willingly. Be it your cousin, your nephew or even your parents – don’t put all your cards on the table.

3. Expound on potential rewards

People love knowing that their hard work bears fruit. Share some of the ways that prepping has benefited and rewarded you, be it financial matters or dealing with an emergency.

Here are some benefits of prepping you can talk about:

  • It can save you money over time because you have a stockpile of necessary supplies.
  • You don’t worry about water shortage because you know how to filter water.
  • In case you need to evacuate, your immediate family is ready to go.
  • You can sleep better at night, knowing that the house is secure.
  • If a fire broke out, you have back-up documents and supplies to sustain yourself and the family.

Even if it won’t convince them to fully pursue prepping, you have planted the seeds of thought. They may be adopting a prepper’s mentality without realizing it.

4. Set limitations

If you’ve managed to convince a friend to start prepping and he says, “I’ll just go with you,” remember to set boundaries. You don’t want people outside of your immediate family mooching off your supplies.

Stocking up on supplies isn’t cheap. Not to mention other investments, like water and back-up power systems. Moreover, you’ve most likely prepared the foods, clothing, and other items according to your own family’s preferences.

Take this opportunity to teach your friend the importance of independence and helping himself. In this way, he may take a more proactive stance on prepping.

Survival can be a single-man job, but it is a lot easier and more feasible with other people, especially those close to you. Share to your loved ones the benefits of prepping and prepare for any SHTF situation.

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